The family is one of nature's masterpieces.

George Santayana, The Life of Reason

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We didn't want you to leave us just yet, either.
Mom. Grams. Aunt. Sister. Best friend.

Mom with family, Christmas 2008
Mom | Christmas 2008
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Family matriarch . . .

family matriarch - Mamaw
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. . . and traveling trio.

family trio - Mom, Marg, Mamaw
Mom, Marg, Mamaw | Disney World
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Immediate family . . .

family - Gary, Mom, Dennis
Gary, Mom, Dennis
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. . . and growing family.

more family - Mom, Dennis, Renee, David, Cheryl, Gary
Mom, Dennis, Renee, David, Cheryl, Gary
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Vintage family.

vintage family - Gary, Mom, Dad, Dennis
Gary, Mom, Dad, Dennis
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Extended family . . .

extended family
Who are all these people!
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. . . and modern family.

christmas 2017
Gary, Adelheid, Elf
Konrad, Milan, Mozart
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'Tis joy to him that toils, when toil is o'er,
To find home waiting, full of happy things.

Euripides, Electra

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